The Lady And The Girl Chapter 7
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Chapter: 7 On the other side

Somewhere in the Mystic Island Mrs. Lecteur was walking through to find a way out unlike Olivia she wasn’t surprised and shocked infact it seems like she was aware of this place. This place was not like the place where Olivia was lost this place was darker and there was no light at all only light that lit this place was the light of the moon lighted this place the trees and rocks were different they were all faded it was like they had no life. Mrs. Lecteur was shouting Olivia’s name going through the jungle but there was no response from the other side she went ahead to find a shelter, food and Olivia on her way she found various unnatural creatures but there was no sign of shock on her face after walking for an hour she found a Outhouse there was delicious smell of food  coming from the house Mrs. Lecteur rushed towards it to eat and rest for the night when she reached at the house there was a writing on the door it said “You’re welcome please don’t knock come quick or cause it’s already too late ” without even thinking about the writing Mrs. Lecteur entered into the house. In the house there was food all over the table all kinds of dishes were there on the table ohh the delicious smell took Mrs. Lecteur’s mind she was already drooling imaging the foods in her mouth she couldn’t wait any more so she jumped over the food but as soon as she started eating the hole house started shaking like there was an earthquake thinking of it Mrs. Lecteur hid under the table after some time the shaking stopped but something was biting her hand when she looked to see what is happening it was the chickens leg piece she was about eat that piece was alive and it was eating her hand she threw it in shock and shoon all the food on the table came alive and they all started shouting “Feast Feast Feast !!!Mrs. Lecteur was so hungry that she couldn’t wait and ignoring all the shouting she started eating the chicken pieces poor chicken pieces shouted for help “Oh my please help this old women’s eating my alive guys help me” they all started running here and there and suddenly the house again started shaking like it was hit by an earthquake all the foods stopped and they said “Now you’re going to die old lady” and soon the earthquake stopped but the house was no more a simple house it was changed into a living house it has long pointed sharp teeth’s the table transformed as its tongue and the chimney was its ears this surprised Mrs. Lecteur but she was not afraid of it. All the food shouted “Preec Preec Preec he will eat you old lady hehehahahuhuhuuu” the house name was Preec and it was up because the food couldn’t do the work “STOP!!!” Came the voice from behind and all the foods stopped at sudden it was the house he yelled out loud Mrs. Lecteur was shocked to hear this voice. The voice was more like a growling not so clear to hear the house than said “Old lady how dare you eat my friends now I’ll eat you” but Mrs. Lecteur she wasn’t afraid of it she said “I was hungry so don’t make me hungrier or else I’ll eat you too” Preec the house was shocked that the old wasn’t afraid of him he said in an angry voice “fool you don’t know who you’re talking to are you not afraid of us we are monster everyone around here is afraid of us” Mrs. Lecteur said “that’s because you haven’t seen the real me.” Preec and the foods didn’t understood what she was saying and they attacked her but even after they all tried together they couldn’t defeat her and atlast they captured her and said “Old lady you’re too strong for us our leader will see you he will teach you a lesson for messing with the darklings” Mrs. Lecteur after hearing this knowingly let them take her something was on her mind. She asked the darklings “Who is your leader and what is this place??” they replied “old lady are you not from here how come you don’t about our leader the great Dragon Grim he is the mightiest creature of this island and this is the Mystic island and you’re in the dark side of the island” Mrs. Lecteur said “Mystic island never heard of it .And what is the meaning of the dark side?” the darklings replied “This is a magical island it was created by the fight between that freaky old frog Oscient and our mother Witch girgit. There are two side of this island one is the dark side where us darklings reside and the other is the light side where those freak whitelings reside” Mrs. Lecteur started laughing loudly the darklings were surprised by her reaction they asked her why are you laughing old lady Mrs. Lecteur said “soon you’ll know” and she started laughing again.              
To be continued.


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