The Lady and the girl chapter 4 (For previous chapter check my blog)

Chapter: 4 The Knights Force And Francis

The Knights were the bravest mans selected by the king himself there was several test which they must pass to qualify for it and after they pass they had to fight with Kings son after which they were selected. With the Knights Protecting the kingdom people felt very safe in the land of Cigam they were not always present in the kingdom there was an incident which led the King to make a force which could protect the people of the Cigam under various catastrophe situation. The incident which led to discovery of the Knights force due to the attack of Witch Girgit she attacked the land of Cigam and it took everything to stop her even the King couldn’t defeat her if the wise old frog was not present she could have devoured the whole land she was that powerful that it took 1 year to defeat her and after this incident only the King decided to form a force which could take on anything and handle any situation. The Knights force was lead by Kings son Francis who was as powerful as his father his fights with the dragons were so popular that it made him messiah of the people and so he was choosen by the King as the leader of the Knights force he as gentle as his father he looked after everyone in the land he was not born at the time of the Witchs attack so King trained him himself and taught him all his moves Francis was a serious man he took all the classes seriously and learned all the techniques. Francis helped Harry the dwarf become a knights and Harry told he that he is forever in his debt and he will do anything for him the friendship between this two grew stronger as they worked together and soon they became best friend they used eat together train together and did many more together they saved each other many times but one day when the Dragon Grim attacked the land they fought him and followed him to the mystical island and there was fight between them and the Dragon Grim and then suddenly Harry the dwarf and Francis was separated Harry and the Knights searched for Francis but they could not find him and when they were heading back to tell the King about this Francis appeared from behind and he shouted Harry. Harry and the Knights were relieved by watching their leader Harry asked “what happened back there ?” and Francis told him that “nothing I was fighting the Dragon and suddenly we disappeared from there” Harry asked him so did you defeat him Francis answered “no he ran away but he said something like “Be prepared for what you seek is about to seek you” ” Harry said “what does that mean ?” Francis said “I don’t know” then finally Harry said “forget it you are safe that’s it lets go know have some drinks”.

Chapter : 5 The Fairy queen and the fairies. 
To be continued..


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