The Lady and the Girl (Continued)

Chapter:2 The little dwarf who wanted to be a knight.

In the dwarf island there was dwarf named Harry he was funny little guy who had dream of becoming a knight and joining the knights force to protect the land Cigam and his island he was born to dwarf family who worked for the King in his castle whenever he told anyone about his dream everybody laughed at him even his father and tell him that we are dwarf we are born to build not fight but little harry never listened to any of this and he kept dreaming his mother like all mother motivated harry for pursuing his dream she told him “If you believe in your dream no matter how big or small it is you can turn it to reality”. Little harry used to hide watch the knights practice and tried to learn through watching them one day the son of the king and leader of the knights force Francis saw the little dwarf watching the knights training he asked “what is he doing?” Harry was surprised and with a little courage he said “Sir I want to become a knight and join the knight force to protect to our land” he thought that the Kings son will also laugh at him but opposite happened Francis said “sure you can become knight don’t listen to what other people say follow your heart and be brave” listening to this Harry was encouraged and asked for permission to train with the knights and Francis allowed him to do this. Harry ran to his mother to tell her about this his mother was very happy after listening to Harry but his father was not he mocked him and told him you are little dwarf and you will not join the knights Harry was angry with his father and told him I will show you one day that I can become a knight and he ran outside in anger. Next day harry went to place were the knights and told other knights that the leader has allowed him to train with them every guy standing there started laughing but then Francis came and told them to not laugh at him and said give him a chance and so Harry started training but he failed every training he cant even pull the sword everybody taunted at him little dwarf go back to you make some bad so we can rest this made Harry feel very bad and he ran to his house and started crying he was outside his house complaining to god that why he has made him dwarf seeing him like this made his father feel bad for him so he made Harry a new sword made from the magic of Mystic island and Fairy island this sword was perfect for dwarf because made for his size and he presented this to Harry and told him that “Son everyone is born for a purpose you don’t need to be feel bad about failure because it makes you even stronger” Harry never imagined his father would say something like this to him he hugged his father and said “I love you father” and lifting the sword he said “I will become a Knight no matter what it takes”.


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