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Chapter:3 The Frog Who knew everything.

Far from the kingdom island in the Mystic island there lived a wise old Frog who had the knowledge of everything the people of Cigam always talked about the legend of the Frog and the witch in the legend the Frog with his magical powers and knowledge defeated the evil Witch and sent her away into another dimension creating a shield around the land of Cigam People say that he foresaw the plans of the Witch way back years and said that he was as old as the creator himself. But the wise old Frog lived in silence alone he let nobody come near him except the King who he knew from the birth and little childrens he loved childrens he said they are gods little angel and they calmed him down. He used to be more interactive with people but after the Witch incident he started living alone once the King asked him about the safety of the land and he replied “Until there is good there is evil Until there is happiness there is sorrow Until there is Love there is Hate” listening to it the king knew that there danger somewhere but he took no tension because he knew whenever it comes the wise old Frog will guide his land to safety. The fight between the Frog and the Witch led to the discovery of the Mystic island this island was different from all the other islands as until the fight it never existed and had different atmosphere into it the island was divided into two sides and these side were the light and the dark they had different creatures living on them. These creature were no normal as they were all born with magic the light side had creatures which were good and their leader was the creature named Gorbyc the weather was always sunny the creature used to come to the frog for guidance and the dark side of the island had creatures which were bad they were big and the Dragon Grim was there leader the weather was always dark and they worshiped the Dragon Grim. One day when the King came to visit wise old Frog he sensed something different in the Frogs nature he asked him “Is there something wrong master?” the Frog replied to King “the time has come the time has come the time has come” listening to this king was shocked he asked the Frog “What should I do master?” the Frog replied “Be careful who you trust or your world is going to burst look inside there is nothing outside only this much I can guide” after saying this the Frog disappeared leaving the King with his guidance.


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