The Lady and The Girl chapter 5 ( please check the blog for previous chapter)

Chapter : 5 The Fairy queen and the fairies.

The Mystic island and The Fairy island were different from the other islands as this were born out with magic they had creatures living on them who had magical powers but the Fairy island was different from Mystic island which was created as result of war between Witch Girgit and old Frog Oscient. The Fairy island was heaven in itself everything in this island was filled with positivity and happiness it blossomed and everything which came into the island flourished this all was possible because of the Fairy queen Angela she was the most beautiful being on the Land of Cigam and she was as kind as her beauty she was oftenly compared to Aphrodite Goddess of beauty and love people worshiped her and followed her they did everything for her the called her  Mother she took care of her everyone like her own child. The Fairies had the magical power of healing and nourishing with their fairy dust this fairy dust was so powerful that even the darkest soul and magic would change to good due to power of this fairy dust the fairies never get older they had a limited lifespan for which they were young at all time the fairies had job of making the land of Cigam a happy place to live through their dust they cured many people who had incurable diseases and they also helped the Knights at the time for to heal their wounds which made the Knights more powerful. The Fairy queen Angela was loved by all but some hated her because of her beauty and forgiveness instead of it she never hated anyone and always cared for everyone years after her reign as queen she was pregnant with a child everyone was so happy to hear this news there were celebrations all over the land of Cigam. But on the day when the queen was about to give birth to her child this all changed when the Witch Girgit attacked the island she was after something she destroyed everything that came in her way the fairy queen Angela instead of being pregnant fought with the witch but was at the loosing end if the old frog Oscient , the King and the the Knights force would not arrived she would have lost but they came and helped her finally defeating the witch with the fight that took years to end resulting in loss of many lives and creation of the mystic island. Even though the fight was won the most important thing that this fight took was the life of the queen Angela she was gone and it left the whole land of Cigam in shock everything was never the same again specially for the the fairies. The fairy island was disconnected from the other islands looking at these the King was very troubled and he decided that the fairy island now be ruled by him and he formed a committee of fairies to look after the fairies of the fairy island the formation of the committee helped the fairy island a little but still there was something missing in the island which the fairies wanted the fairy dust of the fairy had lost its power and the fairies has started ageing only few had the power of the dust maintained which was used by them for the happiness of the fairy island.


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