We Should Protect Our Lights.

“There is light as long as you can keep watching the day you close your eyes all there will be is darkness”
This was his last words.
Prithvi was not the one you would expect these words from. He was more kind of a guy who lived his life at fullest but something was wrong with him in recent days. He would wander here and there with a pale look on his face lost into his thoughts. Although I knew him for few days he had become a good friend of mine so I asked him about his behaviour and if there is something wrong but he always said: “it's nothing”. He would go away than saying he had some work and our meeting lowered day by day.

He then stopped coming to that place Where we used to hang out. I used to go there daily to check if he came. On the inside I knew what was wrong with him my friend Prithvi had an incurable disease which he told me when we were drunk and I said “I wish I could live a life like you without tension doing what I love” to which he repl…
There were Stones There were Spears There were Bows and Arrows There were Guns and Bullets There were Bombs and Wars And Then came the Pen and Writer And the Rest is History. +AskDwriter
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The Lady And The Girl Chapter 7 (Please check blog for other chapters or click the links below) Chapter: 7 On the other side

Somewhere in the Mystic Island Mrs. Lecteur was walking through to find a way out unlike Olivia she wasn’t surprised and shocked infact it seems like she was aware of this place. This place was not like the place where Olivia was lost this place was darker and there was no light at all only light that lit this place was the light of the moon lighted this place the trees and rocks were different they were all faded it was like they had no life. Mrs. Lecteur was shouting Olivia’s name going through the jungle but there was no response from the other side she went ahead to find a shelter, food and Olivia on her way she found various unnatural creatures but there was no sign of shock on her face after walking for an hour she found a Outhouse there was delicious smell of food  coming from the house Mrs. Lecteur rushed towards it to eat and rest for the night when she re…
The Lady and The Girl Ch 6 (Continued..)
                  Chapter: 6 A shock in the real life.
After chapter 5 of the book the story goes back to the real world where it’s been read by Mrs. Lecteur to Olivia the incident which took in various chapters made Olivia very excited and she asked Mrs. Lecteur for next chapter in rush to which she replied “Oh dear didn’t you hear what I said earlier “Be carefulbefore you begin because whats gone is coming again believe what you see not what you hear cause what seems unreal is something real” c’mon hold my hand I’ll show you what happened next ” Olivia didn’t understood what Mrs. Lecteur said but she hold her hand and together when they touched the Book   there was bright lightning so bright that Olivia could not see anything all she could see was white fog which surrounded her there was nothing she could see and then something happened which shocked Olivia and it surprised her she was stunned to see this. There was no sight of Mrs. Lecteur she…
The Lady and The Girl chapter 5 ( please check the blog for previous chapter)
Chapter : 5 The Fairy queen and the fairies.

The Mystic island and The Fairy island were different from the other islands as this were born out with magic they had creatures living on them who had magical powers but the Fairy island was different from Mystic island which was created as result of war between Witch Girgit and old Frog Oscient. The Fairy island was heaven in itself everything in this island was filled with positivity and happiness it blossomed and everything which came into the island flourished this all was possible because of the Fairy queen Angela she was the most beautiful being on the Land of Cigam and she was as kind as her beauty she was oftenly compared to Aphrodite Goddess of beauty and love people worshiped her and followed her they did everything for her the called her  Mother she took care of her everyone like her own child. The Fairies had the magical power of healing and nourishing…
The Lady and the girl chapter 4 (For previous chapter check my blog)
Chapter: 4 The Knights Force And Francis
The Knights were the bravest mans selected by the king himself there was several test which they must pass to qualify for it and after they pass they had to fight with Kings son after which they were selected. With the Knights Protecting the kingdom people felt very safe in the land of Cigam they were not always present in the kingdom there was an incident which led the King to make a force which could protect the people of the Cigam under various catastrophe situation. The incident which led to discovery of the Knights force due to the attack of Witch Girgit she attacked the land of Cigam and it took everything to stop her even the King couldn’t defeat her if the wise old frog was not present she could have devoured the whole land she was that powerful that it took 1 year to defeat her and after this incident only the King decided to form a force which could take on anything an…
The Lady and the Girl chapter 3(continued.) for previous chapter check blog.Chapter:3 The Frog Who knew everything.
Far from the kingdom island in the Mystic island there lived a wise old Frog who had the knowledge of everything the people of Cigam always talked about the legend of the Frog and the witch in the legend the Frog with his magical powers and knowledge defeated the evil Witch and sent her away into another dimension creating a shield around the land of Cigam People say that he foresaw the plans of the Witch way back years and said that he was as old as the creator himself. But the wise old Frog lived in silence alone he let nobody come near him except the King who he knew from the birth and little childrens he loved childrens he said they are gods little angel and they calmed him down. He used to be more interactive with people but after the Witch incident he started living alone once the King asked him about the safety of the land and he replied “Until there is good there …