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The Lady and the Girl chapter 3(continued.) for previous chapter check blog.Chapter:3 The Frog Who knew everything.
Far from the kingdom island in the Mystic island there lived a wise old Frog who had the knowledge of everything the people of Cigam always talked about the legend of the Frog and the witch in the legend the Frog with his magical powers and knowledge defeated the evil Witch and sent her away into another dimension creating a shield around the land of Cigam People say that he foresaw the plans of the Witch way back years and said that he was as old as the creator himself. But the wise old Frog lived in silence alone he let nobody come near him except the King who he knew from the birth and little childrens he loved childrens he said they are gods little angel and they calmed him down. He used to be more interactive with people but after the Witch incident he started living alone once the King asked him about the safety of the land and he replied “Until there is good there …
The Lady and the Girl (Continued)
Chapter:2 The little dwarf who wanted to be a knight.
In the dwarf island there was dwarf named Harry he was funny little guy who had dream of becoming a knight and joining the knights force to protect the land Cigam and his island he was born to dwarf family who worked for the King in his castle whenever he told anyone about his dream everybody laughed at him even his father and tell him that we are dwarf we are born to build not fight but little harry never listened to any of this and he kept dreaming his mother like all mother motivated harry for pursuing his dream she told him “If you believe in your dream no matter how big or small it is you can turn it to reality”. Little harry used to hide watch the knights practice and tried to learn through watching them one day the son of the king and leader of the knights force Francis saw the little dwarf watching the knights training he asked “what is he doing?” Harry was surprised and with a little courage…
The Lady and the Girl (continued..)
And the story begins Olivia came to Mrs. Lecteur’s house knocking the door “knock knock Mrs. Lecteur” answering to Olivia’s call Mrs Lecteur “oh dear wait a minute I am coming” with low pitched voice she opened the door with a smile on her face said “are you ready for a new adventure dear” Olivia said with full of excitement “yes Mrs. Lecteur” but this time something was different Mrs. Lecteur introduced the book to Olivia the books title was “The Marvelous Land of  Miracles” from its cover one could easily tell how old it was It was green had roots covered all over it but there was something strange about the book that made Olivia curious about it she felt like the book had its own aura this made her more excited about the story with all these she excitedly said to Mrs. Lecteur “hurry up Mrs. Lecteur tell me the story” And so Mrs. Lecteur started reading the story there was something written on the first page of the book  “Be carefulbefore you begin …
"Yeah woh ladki nahi hai"                                   "She is not the girl she used                                                                                   to be"
Yeah woh ladki nahi hai                                   "She is not the girl she used to be
Aab yeah badi hai                                              She is grown up know
Zindagi ke har war se yeah ladi hai                       She has fought lifes every war
Har mod pe yeah khadi hai                              She is standing at every turns
Iske maan me hi shamman hai                            In her honour there is pride
Iske dhyan me hi gyan hai                                   In her devotion there is knowledge
Jisne ise chera hai                                          Whoever provokes her
Uske jivan me andhera hai                                  There is darkness in his life
Pyaar iska swaroop hai                                         Love is her consequence
Magar sambhaln…
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