The Lady and the Girl (continued..)

And the story begins
Olivia came to Mrs. Lecteur’s house knocking the door “knock knock Mrs. Lecteur” answering to Olivia’s call Mrs Lecteur “oh dear wait a minute I am coming” with low pitched voice she opened the door with a smile on her face said “are you ready for a new adventure dear” Olivia said with full of excitement “yes Mrs. Lecteur” but this time something was different Mrs. Lecteur introduced the book to Olivia the books title was “The Marvelous Land of  Miracles” from its cover one could easily tell how old it was It was green had roots covered all over it but there was something strange about the book that made Olivia curious about it she felt like the book had its own aura this made her more excited about the story with all these she excitedly said to Mrs. Lecteur “hurry up Mrs. Lecteur tell me the story” And so Mrs. Lecteur started reading the story there was something written on the first page of the book  “Be careful before you begin because whats gone is coming again believe what you see not what you hear cause what seems unreal is something real” said Mrs. Lecteur in deep voice this made Olivia more excited about the story Mrs Lecteur continued reading turning the page she said “long ago there was a land know as The Marvelous land of miracles – Cigam”.

Chapter: 1 The Marvelous land of miracles – Cigam.

Cigam a land full of miracles where lived mysterious creatures there was a Dwarf island, Kings island, Mystic island and Fairy island they all lived together. All island had different specialty and had different roles divided to protect the land of Cigam the dwarf were good at team work and were brilliant architects they had the role of building new items for the land they were the most honest hearted person on the land of Cigam. And then there was the Kingdom island where lived the mighty king George who was the bravest of all some said he defeated the dragon alone barehanded he had the role of running the land peacefully so he created the knights force for this all of the knights were chosen by the king himself in the force his son Francis was also present who was as brave as his father. The Mystic island and the Fairy island were little different from the other two they had magic which they used to  provide power and happiness to the people of the Cigam The Fairy land was ruled by the Fairy queen who was so beautiful that the people of Cigam called her angel and the Mystic land had various creatures like the dragons , minions, goblins and many more it was ruled and guided by the wise old frog who so old that he had all the knowledge of creation and destruction some say he is here since the big bang. With all of these islands working together the land of Cigam flourished and shined as bright as the stars but everything was about to change for the land Cigam which would break it apart.


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