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                   The Lady and The Girl 24/1/2016
It was a sunny day in Hillsland (fictional) everything was going as it would go in normal days everyone was busy with there work but there was one little girl lost somewhere in a land where everything was different from where she lived and this girl was Olivia .Olivia was curious little girl who liked all the things a little girl loves playing singing dancing but what really made Olivia curious was the old lady who lived opposite to Olivia’s house the old lady used read stories to Olivia and she used get lost into the stories Olivia always waited for Friday as it was the day the old lady used read stories to her but what was about to happen this time was different the old lady brought a new book today for reading which was about to change Olivia’s Life.

The old lady-

The old lady lived on the house opposite to Olivia’s house the old lady’s name was Mrs. Charlotte Lecteur .she never really come out of the house she was always inside the house she never made any kind of interaction with any body. Nobody knew where she came from or who she was it was all of sudden that she arrived into the house opposite to Olivia’s house she was old enough she had wrinkles all over her body .she never came out of her house but she oftenly used to look out of her window at the nights and watch towards the sky like if she was looking for someone out there in the sky Olivia used watch her it made her little curious about the old lady .Once Olivia come to her house for a trick o treat in Halloween since than only she was curious about the old lady why? She don’t come out so she started going to her house by using different kind of excuses to get to know her so once she saw her reading books and Olivia loved books so she thought this is the way for her to know the old ladys secret so one day she went to old ladys house when she opned the door Olivia sneaked into her house and saw loads of book and told her how much she liked books and made Mrs. Lecteur promise her that if she read a her a story every Friday she will stop disturbing her and Mrs. Lecteur agreed to Olivia and made her a promise and from that she started reading stories to Olivia little girl used to get lost into the stories weeks passed but Olivia never missed a single day of Mrs. Lecteur’s reading and soon came the day that was about change everything for Olivia.


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