The Lady and The Girl Ch 6 (Continued..)

                  Chapter: 6 A shock in the real life.

After chapter 5 of the book the story goes back to the real world where it’s been read by Mrs. Lecteur to Olivia the incident which took in various chapters made Olivia very excited and she asked Mrs. Lecteur for next chapter in rush to which she replied “Oh dear didn’t you hear what I said earlier “Be careful before you begin because whats gone is coming again believe what you see not what you hear cause what seems unreal is something real” c’mon hold my hand I’ll show you what happened next ” Olivia didn’t understood what Mrs. Lecteur said but she hold her hand and together when they touched the Book   there was bright lightning so bright that Olivia could not see anything all she could see was white fog which surrounded her there was nothing she could see and then something happened which shocked Olivia and it surprised her she was stunned to see this. There was no sight of Mrs. Lecteur she was no way near Olivia poor little Olivia shouted with all she had “Mrs. Lecteur Mrs. Lecteur where are you?” but nothing came back to her shouts all there was left was Olivia and the silence of the fog that covered little Olivia. And finally when the fog started disappearing the image was getting clearer and it doesn’t seem right for Olivia because it was nothing what little Olivia imagined she tried to clear the fog in her way to see more clearly and to her surprise she was no more in Mrs. Lecteur’s house she was out in the wild in middle of a jungle she shouted for help “Is there anyone out there? help me please Mrs. Lecteur are you there?” but again all that came was nothing and in return only the silence which frightened little Olivia more and more. Little Olivia all alone in the jungle was crying cursing herself for getting in trouble and in between this she realized that something was watching her she stopped to see if there was someone but she found nothing and suddenly there was noises coming from the bushes this made Olivia very scared so she ran and hid behind a tree to see what’s in there the noises kept coming it made Olivia’s heartbeat faster after sometime noises stopped and just when Olivia thought of coming out of her cover something jumped out of the bushes at her this made Olivia faint out for some time and when she woke up she found a little bunny standing on her it was a relief for her she hold the little bunny thinking it was so cute she was very happy to see the little bunny she cuddled him talking to the bunny she said “Oh you’re so cute little bunny come I’ll protect you in this jungle” and she said “what are you doing all alone here?” she started kissing the little bunny calling him cutie and then there came a voice “Stop calling me cute and stop this nonsense !!” little Olivia was shocked to hear the voice she shouted “who’s there come out” the strange voice talked back and said “I’m down here in your hands ” Olivia looked down it was the little bunny talking she threw the bunny in air shocked but the bunny didn’t fell it landed safely and was standing in his two feets Olivia in surprise said “you ! How can you talk?” the little bunny replied “Yes I can talk and I understand what you say” Olivia replied “But how is this possible? And where is this place” the little bunny replied “You’re in the land of Cigam and this is the Mystic island which is formed with magic and I can talk because in this magical island everything is made up of magic and anything can happen here” “But little girl how come you don’t know about this everyone in the land of Cigam knows this and why are you here?” to this Olivia replied “I don’t know anything I m not from here I m from another world is this real but how is it possible that all the things that was written in the book is coming true?” the little bunny was also confused so he said “little girl I m Gorbyc the protecter of this side of Mystic island come with me I know someone who can tell us about this” and he asked her name Olivia replied “I m Olivia. Gorbyc I heared about you on the book but you’re a little bunny how can you protect the island and what do you mean by this side?” Gorbyc replied “I m not just a bunny “I m a cyborg bunny come I’ll tell you about the other things on the way and hurry we need to leave before they come” Olivia replied “ok. But who are we going to and who are they?” Gorbyc said “C’mon Olivia you ask too many question. I’ll tell you all on the way” inbetween the creature from the dark side came and the attacked on Gorbyc but he defeated them all and transformed into big bunny Olivia sat on him and they ran away from the dark creatures. 

to be continued...


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