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We Should Protect Our Lights.

“There is light as long as you can keep watching the day you close your eyes all there will be is darkness”
This was his last words.
Prithvi was not the one you would expect these words from. He was more kind of a guy who lived his life at fullest but something was wrong with him in recent days. He would wander here and there with a pale look on his face lost into his thoughts. Although I knew him for few days he had become a good friend of mine so I asked him about his behaviour and if there is something wrong but he always said: “it's nothing”. He would go away than saying he had some work and our meeting lowered day by day.

He then stopped coming to that place Where we used to hang out. I used to go there daily to check if he came. On the inside I knew what was wrong with him my friend Prithvi had an incurable disease which he told me when we were drunk and I said “I wish I could live a life like you without tension doing what I love” to which he repl…
There were Stones There were Spears There were Bows and Arrows There were Guns and Bullets There were Bombs and Wars And Then came the Pen and Writer And the Rest is History. +AskDwriter
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